Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Two Interesting Websites


'Sup guys? Hope everyone is doing well. To those of you that came out on Friday, I had a great time chatting and hanging out wit ya. For those of you that did not come out, just to let you know, we had the most awesomest of times. Wow, I never knew that Brandon was such a "wild and crazy guy"! Just kidding. We missed you and i hope that we can all get together again real soon.

Been kinda a slow week at work. Had lots of time for paperwork and such. Also for unsupervised surfing of the web. Found two interesting websites. The first is titled Ten Verses Never Preached On. I do not have my Bible at my desk at work, so i can not double check, but these verses would make for some very interesting sermons. Jeff, has God ever told you to preach on any of these verses? Just wondering.

The second comes from a guy by the name of Richard Dawkins. Now i know some of you are groaning right now over the fact that he is a famous and devout atheist. He also has some controversial thoughts and arguments on the existence of God. Nevertheless, i am of the opinion that if i'm reading Richard Foster then why not also read Richard Dawkins. Two men of differing opinions who challenge me to think. When i read those two, (or any nonfiction for that matter) I take their opinions and rationally weigh out what they are saying. The short of it is, they make me think, which is a good for all of us. Again, keep an open mind when reading this, because for a lot of us he will push some buttons. However, in this letter to his then ten year old daughter, he poses good and bad reasons for believing. For me it asks a very important question: "Why do we believe?". He then tells of three very dangerous reasons for believing. Let me know what you think of those three. Do you believe for those reasons?

For me, that is where i am right now in my life. Questioning and thinking about, why i believe.

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Steve Stockstill said...

I used to let my buttons be pushed by thoughts and comments like this. I have however turned this genre of thought into a strengthening confirmation of my "Faith".

What is the risk (or loss) when we use our hearts and Faith to trust in God? My guess is that we will never have scientific evidence.

Faith will set us free.